Brian has been involved in full time ministry since 2005. He has currently stepped out into full-time itinerant ministry as of January 1, 2019 and is the Creator and Director of 'The Unveiling' - a two-year school that equips people to minister prophetically from a secure identity and healthy relationship with God. He is the author of two books: ‘First Dance’ and ‘Awakened.’ Brian ministers both prophetically and through impartation (the act of the laying on of hands for the transference of the anointing from one person’s life to another). Brian is passionate about 'unmuddying' the water around the spirit of prophecy, which according to Revelation 19:5, is simply the 'testimony of Jesus.'


He’s married to his beautiful wife, Nicole, and is the father of four equally beautiful girls: Emma, Lily, Hannah, and Shiloh. He enjoys exercising, reading, riding his motorcycle, and spending quality time with family and friends. 



  • Millersville University - B.A. In English

  • Asbury Theological Seminary - M.A. in Counseling

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First Dance is a true love story about God. Beyond “religious knowledge” about God, you will explore the depths of that first love, that first dance when you hold your partner so close that your hearts beat as one. No matter what you’ve been through—or are going through right now—you can get beyond your fear of intimacy and dive into the deep love relationship that God desires to have with you. You will once again thrill to the truth that you are worth the blood of Jesus. God says so! You will learn how to get closer to God, love God more deeply, accept inner healing from God, and pursue God’s love with all your heart. Many interesting stories and illustrations offer real solutions to real problems that are keeping you from experiencing all that God designed especially for you.

First Dance: Venturing Deeper Into a Relationship With God (2011)

There has never been a greater moment in time where the church must take a good, hard look at itself and see that we say so much and live so little. We claim that we believe that God loves us, and yet we fall apart when someone doesn't return a phone call. We claim we believe that people will one day spend an eternity separated from God, and yet we do not weep for the lost. We claim we believe that the Bible is the word of God and yet spend so little time reading it. We claim we are alive and yet our garments reek of death. We've become more fascinated with what we think we know rather than what we live. We've been educated past our level of obedience.

Awakened: Coming Awake & Coming Alive Through the Beauty of the Gospel (2014)




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